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Last class of creativity and innovation

My last class of this module was on Wednesday 3rd of April, such an amazing module. On this previous class, Charles, our lecturer, discussed about the innovation of new technologies by the time passes, and how new technology might be isolated at first, the keyboard and the type writer as an typical example.

Then we moved onto our group presentations, in which we have four groups in total, and surprisingly, the dress-code of the class was black, all of us wore black on the day.

The first group presented was my group, together with Tania Rusli, Julia, and Gautam. We presented about the aging population and came up with the SCAMPER method, as well as several solutions and implements in details.

However, the class group of a class mate with the nickname “Kimchi” got me impressed, because instead of focusing on educating about the importance of infants and new young generations, his group’s solution is to make the old employees remains longer in the workplace so as the silver haired generation would not feel so isolated and as well could participate in paying government taxes with the regular working adults.


Second last class of Creativity & Innovation

So it already is the second last class for this interesting module. On the previous week’s Wednesday, we discusses about story telling.

Storytelling is being used mostly in marketing department, results as brochures for a product or kind of short video clip of advertising, which is easy to remember, leaving a pin on people’s minds.

My group together with Gautam, Julia, Tania illustrated a “story” for our jet pack product. In which the lead character is a man on his drive, making his way to the hospital so that his wife could give birth to the child on time. However, sadly it was a rainy day and late during mid night, the road was muddy and his car loops got stuck in the mood. With a long duration of timing for the emergency to come and rescue, he was extremely worried about his wife and the baby so the idea of using the jet pack popped up all in a sudden.

Connecting the jetpack with the hook of the car, he succeed dragging his car out of the mud and they arrived the hospital on time.

In a word, story-telling is deeply an useful tool to deliver the message in marketing industry in specific and many other industries as a whole.


4th Class of Creativity & Innovation

I had my 4th class of mentioned module above today, 8th of March 2017.

We began the class with several videos about creative products made by two companies from two totally different industries which help human beings to have a better life.

For the further knowledge gain of topic 7, we formed a group of five, including myself, Tania, Julia, Gautm and one more girl. We then came up with an idea of the Jetpack. Which contains two wings, a button to press allowing the wings to come out of the backpack and GPS device to help users to get to desired destinations. This would be a product of the collaboration of SUPREME x US Army (Technology department). The product is invented in order to serve middle and upper class people, which are mainly office staffs or students which high-income parents. The Jetpack comes in different sizes for different spectacular weights and of course it comes in different prices, starting from USD 5,000. The Jetpack could be charged by electricity, it does not require any use of fuel or petrol, which is more environmental friendly and cost saving for users. Besides that, the main purpose of this Jetpack is for users to get rid of the traffic jam during every morning when they get to work or every afternoon when they go home after work is being done.

For topic 8, I strongly believe that “play” is a second nature of children. There’s a fact that we all cannot deny, whatever toy is being given to a child, the child will figure s(he) way out to play the toy him/herself without being instructed by anyone. For us, as adults, life has changed our lives and changed the way we “play”. Some people are too busy with work, some do have times but they no longer find toys or games interesting. In my own aspects, playing lego is still my favourite entertainment until now. I still play around with lego cubs as a method of releasing stress and challenge my patience.




Third class of Creativity and Innovation

Basically my third workshop of this module was on a Wednesday afternoon, thus is was not tiring but in fact was very exciting as usual.

The lecturer of us began the class with giving a brief explanation about what the workshop on that day would be focusing on. After that, he explained about the TRIZ method, which was originally from Russia. The TRIZ method according to my knowledge is to help we, as well as business firms to spot out the mistakes in their commercial products and improve them base on the found mistake of bad quality or so whatever.

Then,after some sample short videos about how things that are used as a daily basis were actually created, we were formed into group of 3 in order to come up with several examples that were created under the 40 TRIZ method. I was then formed into a group with two other guys and was being asked to come up with an example of a thing, which got the innovation from something else. My idea was the thumb-drive and according to my assumption, it was created under section 5 of the TRIV table, which is merge. Investors might merge the hard drive/disk together with the key, so that it is in convenient sizing for daily use and to carry along.

I found the TRIZ method in general is useful, not for business to spot out the mistake and improve their commercial products and services from it but as well for people to improve either their working or studying track.

Second class of Creativity and Innovation!

My second class of Creativity and Innovation was on 8th of Feb 2017.

When I got into the class yesterday, there were more people as they were coming from another classes. After that, I started feeling excited because the topic of that day was the 6 thinking hats and Mind map.

After the warming up session, which is a review of the previous workshop. We started to know each other more. The lecturer then explained to us about what does it actually mean by “the six thinking hats” and then we were formed into groups to come up with a plan, in other word, a “Green” campaign to encourage the youth from 18-25 years old to save the nature, and somehow to influence them by using this low budget campaign but using 5 steps of the thinking hats.

We then, decided to came up with a Marathon campaign in which participants collect trash along the East Coast along the run(total up to 10km) and are being rewarded 30cents for each gram of refuse they collected. I then realising that I have been wearing white and green hats all the time, because every time there was an idea being popped up, I immediately try to do some research about the details to see if the plans mentioned are actually accurate,  or having the high possibility, or not at all.

The other half of the class, we moved on to chapter 4, and it was about Mind Mapping. Mind mapping as I believe it is truly useful for individuals who would have a lot of information to memorise and also to breakdown complicated issues. I had as well started using mind mapping a few years back, since it helped me a lot in completing my homework and acquiring new knowledge.

In conclusion, the more deeper dig I have for this module, the more interesting and helpful it gets!



First Innovation and Creativity class ever!

My very first Innovation and Creativity class started on Wednesday, 18 January 2017. When I got into the class, there was a sense of boredom in me, since this module offered no textbook at all, my mind was a blank.

After a while, Mr. Charles appeared and started briefing us about what this module was about. I did not pay that much of attention because deep inside me, I truly believe this module does not anyhow link to my future career as well as the major I am currently taking, still. Until the moment when Erikah showed up and instructed us a mini game, I at last pay some attention in order to catch up with what is going on in the class.

It was a strange feeling I had when I was following Erikah instruction, as that was the first class ever and that was as well the first time meeting between me and my classmate, and it was strange, and embarrassing for us to touch those mentioned parts and being seen by the rest.

When the mini game ended, Erikah left the classroom and Mr. Charles asked us to pick a random thing and draw it on the paper. It was easy to figure it out what to draw on the paper, thus, I straight away decided to draw an Iceberg. The reason why I draw that mentioned Iceberg because I strongly believe it illustrate most of us nowadays, when you can only see what is above the water level and if you wish to figure it deeply more about something, it would takes time, it would takes time to discover out what is hidden below the water level, just like human beings, mysterious and interesting.

After the drawing is being done, Mr. Charles asked us to come up with a name which stands for characteristic traits and starts with our initials. Since my name is Huong, I put Hearty as my traits. I somehow find it very true since I am a sincere and enthusiastic person.

Last but not least, we were formed into groups of 4 and the task was to discuss what was the difference between Innovation and Creativity. It was not an easy task to complete.

After a while, the class was dismissed. I felt happy because I acquired a quite amount of knowledge on that day and I got to know more friends!