My very first Innovation and Creativity class started on Wednesday, 18 January 2017. When I got into the class, there was a sense of boredom in me, since this module offered no textbook at all, my mind was a blank.

After a while, Mr. Charles appeared and started briefing us about what this module was about. I did not pay that much of attention because deep inside me, I truly believe this module does not anyhow link to my future career as well as the major I am currently taking, still. Until the moment when Erikah showed up and instructed us a mini game, I at last pay some attention in order to catch up with what is going on in the class.

It was a strange feeling I had when I was following Erikah instruction, as that was the first class ever and that was as well the first time meeting between me and my classmate, and it was strange, and embarrassing for us to touch those mentioned parts and being seen by the rest.

When the mini game ended, Erikah left the classroom and Mr. Charles asked us to pick a random thing and draw it on the paper. It was easy to figure it out what to draw on the paper, thus, I straight away decided to draw an Iceberg. The reason why I draw that mentioned Iceberg because I strongly believe it illustrate most of us nowadays, when you can only see what is above the water level and if you wish to figure it deeply more about something, it would takes time, it would takes time to discover out what is hidden below the water level, just like human beings, mysterious and interesting.

After the drawing is being done, Mr. Charles asked us to come up with a name which stands for characteristic traits and starts with our initials. Since my name is Huong, I put Hearty as my traits. I somehow find it very true since I am a sincere and enthusiastic person.

Last but not least, we were formed into groups of 4 and the task was to discuss what was the difference between Innovation and Creativity. It was not an easy task to complete.

After a while, the class was dismissed. I felt happy because I acquired a quite amount of knowledge on that day and I got to know more friends!


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