My second class of Creativity and Innovation was on 8th of Feb 2017.

When I got into the class yesterday, there were more people as they were coming from another classes. After that, I started feeling excited because the topic of that day was the 6 thinking hats and Mind map.

After the warming up session, which is a review of the previous workshop. We started to know each other more. The lecturer then explained to us about what does it actually mean by “the six thinking hats” and then we were formed into groups to come up with a plan, in other word, a “Green” campaign to encourage the youth from 18-25 years old to save the nature, and somehow to influence them by using this low budget campaign but using 5 steps of the thinking hats.

We then, decided to came up with a Marathon campaign in which participants collect trash along the East Coast along the run(total up to 10km) and are being rewarded 30cents for each gram of refuse they collected. I then realising that I have been wearing white and green hats all the time, because every time there was an idea being popped up, I immediately try to do some research about the details to see if the plans mentioned are actually accurate,  or having the high possibility, or not at all.

The other half of the class, we moved on to chapter 4, and it was about Mind Mapping. Mind mapping as I believe it is truly useful for individuals who would have a lot of information to memorise and also to breakdown complicated issues. I had as well started using mind mapping a few years back, since it helped me a lot in completing my homework and acquiring new knowledge.

In conclusion, the more deeper dig I have for this module, the more interesting and helpful it gets!




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