Basically my third workshop of this module was on a Wednesday afternoon, thus is was not tiring but in fact was very exciting as usual.

The lecturer of us began the class with giving a brief explanation about what the workshop on that day would be focusing on. After that, he explained about the TRIZ method, which was originally from Russia. The TRIZ method according to my knowledge is to help we, as well as business firms to spot out the mistakes in their commercial products and improve them base on the found mistake of bad quality or so whatever.

Then,after some sample short videos about how things that are used as a daily basis were actually created, we were formed into group of 3 in order to come up with several examples that were created under the 40 TRIZ method. I was then formed into a group with two other guys and was being asked to come up with an example of a thing, which got the innovation from something else. My idea was the thumb-drive and according to my assumption, it was created under section 5 of the TRIV table, which is merge. Investors might merge the hard drive/disk together with the key, so that it is in convenient sizing for daily use and to carry along.

I found the TRIZ method in general is useful, not for business to spot out the mistake and improve their commercial products and services from it but as well for people to improve either their working or studying track.


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