I had my 4th class of mentioned module above today, 8th of March 2017.

We began the class with several videos about creative products made by two companies from two totally different industries which help human beings to have a better life.

For the further knowledge gain of topic 7, we formed a group of five, including myself, Tania, Julia, Gautm and one more girl. We then came up with an idea of the Jetpack. Which contains two wings, a button to press allowing the wings to come out of the backpack and GPS device to help users to get to desired destinations. This would be a product of the collaboration of SUPREME x US Army (Technology department). The product is invented in order to serve middle and upper class people, which are mainly office staffs or students which high-income parents. The Jetpack comes in different sizes for different spectacular weights and of course it comes in different prices, starting from USD 5,000. The Jetpack could be charged by electricity, it does not require any use of fuel or petrol, which is more environmental friendly and cost saving for users. Besides that, the main purpose of this Jetpack is for users to get rid of the traffic jam during every morning when they get to work or every afternoon when they go home after work is being done.

For topic 8, I strongly believe that “play” is a second nature of children. There’s a fact that we all cannot deny, whatever toy is being given to a child, the child will figure s(he) way out to play the toy him/herself without being instructed by anyone. For us, as adults, life has changed our lives and changed the way we “play”. Some people are too busy with work, some do have times but they no longer find toys or games interesting. In my own aspects, playing lego is still my favourite entertainment until now. I still play around with lego cubs as a method of releasing stress and challenge my patience.





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