So it already is the second last class for this interesting module. On the previous week’s Wednesday, we discusses about story telling.

Storytelling is being used mostly in marketing department, results as brochures for a product or kind of short video clip of advertising, which is easy to remember, leaving a pin on people’s minds.

My group together with Gautam, Julia, Tania illustrated a “story” for our jet pack product. In which the lead character is a man on his drive, making his way to the hospital so that his wife could give birth to the child on time. However, sadly it was a rainy day and late during mid night, the road was muddy and his car loops got stuck in the mood. With a long duration of timing for the emergency to come and rescue, he was extremely worried about his wife and the baby so the idea of using the jet pack popped up all in a sudden.

Connecting the jetpack with the hook of the car, he succeed dragging his car out of the mud and they arrived the hospital on time.

In a word, story-telling is deeply an useful tool to deliver the message in marketing industry in specific and many other industries as a whole.



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