My last class of this module was on Wednesday 3rd of April, such an amazing module. On this previous class, Charles, our lecturer, discussed about the innovation of new technologies by the time passes, and how new technology might be isolated at first, the keyboard and the type writer as an typical example.

Then we moved onto our group presentations, in which we have four groups in total, and surprisingly, the dress-code of the class was black, all of us wore black on the day.

The first group presented was my group, together with Tania Rusli, Julia, and Gautam. We presented about the aging population and came up with the SCAMPER method, as well as several solutions and implements in details.

However, the class group of a class mate with the nickname “Kimchi” got me impressed, because instead of focusing on educating about the importance of infants and new young generations, his group’s solution is to make the old employees remains longer in the workplace so as the silver haired generation would not feel so isolated and as well could participate in paying government taxes with the regular working adults.



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